What you will all certainly agree with is that the most important thing in a rent-a-car business is to have a lot of of targeted traffic, so it can have more sales. No matter how good and functional a website is, it is not enough if it does not have the necessary number of visitors that can be converted to car rentals.

So listen…

With the promotion methods that follow, traffic can be increased dramatically (200%-500% increase) while at the same time a better and permanent relationship can be forged between the business and the website’s visitors. Of course, the number of new visitors will greatly depend on the budget each business is prepared to invest. On the other hand, how well-targeted this traffic will be, will depend on the quality of these actions and knowledge of the market.

Let’s start!

1.Pay Per Click – Google Adwords

Google Adwords – Search Network

Google adwords (ppc) is one of the most targeted tools for the promotion of car rental websites, given that the visitor has actively declared an interest for the services of the business through a search with specific terms (keywords) in Google search. For example, when someone searches car rental services greece, and the specific term has been included in the advertising campaign, then it is possible the user sees this advertisement in the first few results of the search. A charge is incurred only when the visitor clicks on the advertisement, hence the term pay per click.

This specific way of promotion is mostly used by the large car rental companies όπως, Budget, Hertz, Avis and also car-price comparison platforms all over the world like Rentalcars.com, Skyscanner etc.

Google Adwords – Display Network

Google Display Network (remarketing) is a very powerful tool for boosting the business’ brand name. This is achieved by the continuous display of advertising banners in other websites after having visited the website of the company.

Read more about the Display Network: Adwords Display Network

2.Creation of Blog

A blog with relevant issues around the services offered, on one hand helps in updating visitors with important and interesting information and on the other hand in keeping the website active in the ‘eyes’ of search engines.

Tip: Through the blog, try to keep the visitors informed with useful information and make them understand you are the perfect solution for them!


Compiling a running list of active email address is considered vital, as sending updating emails and emails with offers can significantly increase the car rentals of the business.

Advice: The lists we have should be created in a legal and ethical way. Avoid buying customers’ emails which can lead to complaints and blacklisting of our email address.

Newsletter sending platforms: Mailchimp, Moosend (Greek Company), Constant Contact etc.

4.Push Notifications

Push notifications is a new method that can engage potential customers.

Their big advantage is that they can be sent to users, as long as a user has the browser on which they had received notifications open. Combined with automations and targeted sending, the results are spectacular!


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