The 5 main features

Clear pricing policy

At every stage of the booking, it should be clear what the visitor is paying for and what is included in the price.
Nobody likes additional ‘hidden’ costs and this is one of the biggest reasons to lose a sale.

Mobile friendly design

The online booking system should be designed to include mobile devices as the bookings coming through from mobile phones and tablets are exceeding the 50% worldwide.

Multiple payment methods

The potential customer should be able to pay in his preferred way, that is, by credit card, PayPal, bank account deposit or Cash on delivery (C.O.D.)

Flexibility in the choice of extras and insurance.

Choosing extras and additional insurance usually bring up significantly the cost of the booking. Which is why the visitor should be able to choose the extras and the additional insurance they want, depending on their needs.

Detailed presentation of the cars and their features.

Before booking, the first thing everyone looks for is to see which car suits them best regarding the space, engine size and features.
So each car in your fleet should be displayed in a representative high resolution photograph with all its characteristics listed, the most important of which are

  • Passenger seats
  • Manual or automatic gear box
  • Number of doors
  • Number and size of luggage
  • Air condition or Clima
  • Engine size


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