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Do you have questions?
We have answered most of them.

Please read the answers to questions you might have regarding our services and our online booking engine for cars.


How is a booking confirmed, automatically or manually?

Our online booking engine gives you the option and the flexibility to define how you want to have bookings confirmed. You decide if you want manual or automatic confirmation by the system.

What payment methods are there?

The payment methods are as follows:

  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment though PayPal
  • Payment with a bank deposit
  • Collection of credit card details to be charged at a predefined time
  • Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)
Is it easy to change the prices of my cars?

Yes, it is, and to make it even easier for you we have created a tool for making mass price changes which will make the process of changing prices a walk in the park.

I want to offer a discount to an old customer. Can I?

Yes, of course. You have the option to offer personalised discount to your customers. You simply create a discount voucher and send it to the customer. Then the customer can apply the voucher at the checkout and receive the discount you have defined.

Will I be able to view sales per month and per type of car?

Yes, of course you can see these statistics per month or per type of car.
Also, you can select to view statistics for any time segments you want.


Is your system secure?

Yes, our system is secure as it is built in a secure environment and uses a security certificate (SSL). We also protect you and your customers with real time protection.


Will I be able to add extras in car rental?

Of course you will be able to add extras as well as setting a different price per day or per booking.

Who is the online booking engine ideal for?

Our online booking engine is ideal for any business that rents out cars and motorcycles. Also, it is designed around the Greek market and the way Greek car and motorcycle rental businesses operate.

Would you like to know more?

Email us and we will contact you to inform you about our services.

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