As everyone knows, a high bounce rate is something that can do quite a bit of damage to a website’s ranking in search engines, but it also tells us that ‘something’s not right’ on the particular site.

Τι είναι όμως το Bounce Rate;

Bounce Rate is the percentage of users abandoning a website. In other words, the percentage of users that view only one page and then leave the site. For some business types a high Bounce Rate is not the end of the world. But when we are talking about Bounce Rate for car rental websites then we are talking about a very negative signal which needs to be remedied immediately.

The solution for reducing Bounce Rate

Bellow, we will show you which are the 2 most basic reasons for Bounce Rate and how to combat them.

Let’s start!

1.Difficult navigation

One of the most basic reasons for a rental website is the difficult and hard to understand navigation.

Research has shown that users abandon a car rental website website because they can’t find quickly what they are looking for. Which is why navigation should be simple and clear and allow visitors to find easily:

  • The different types of cars available
  • Their features
  • Extra charges
  • Car price per season
  • Cancellation policy
  • The detailed description of car insurance
  • Payment methods
  • Contact details

All this should be accessed easily without the visitor having to enter the process of online booking of a car..

2.Website loads slowly

Taking a long time to load is one of the main reasons of Bounce Rate for any website, and of course for car rental websites too.Speed optimization is a one-way street if we want to create a solid foundation for our establishment in the car rental market.

The most important points we will need to consider are the following:

Fast Server

Our website should be hosted by a fast server. Also, the server should be optimised according to the platform we have set up our website on. If for example we have set up our website in wordpress, our server should support the corresponding technologies used by wordpress.

Clean code

Great attention should be paid to the code of the website. The better the code is written the further the loading time and consequently the Bounce Rate are reduced. A high Bounce Rate is also one of the most important indications that our website is slow.

Images in the right resolution

The images we use should be in the right resolution and they should not increase our website’s loading time.

Tools for Loading Time Improvement

Take a look at some tools that could help you improve loading time of your car rental website.


Website for monitoring with suggestions for improving your website.

GoogleSpeed Insights:

The official Google tool for the analysis of websites’ speed.


Website for reducing image size

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